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Linking of the Edinburgh and Leith tramway systems


Opening of through trams between Edinburgh and Leith

Mid-day on June 20, 1922.  Tram car 123 with the official party arrives at Pilrig from Leith.

Pilrig  -  Linking of the Edinburgh and Leith Tramway systems

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc                                                                 [Photographer:  Edwin O Catford]



20 June 1922

During the decades of Edinburgh's cable car system, the two mile tram journey down Leith Walk from Edinburgh to Leith involved a change of tram from the Edinburgh cable car to a Leith Electric tram at the boundary, at Pilrig.

In 1922, Edinburgh's cable cars in Leith Walk were replaced by electric trams in 1922, allowing a through journey between Edinburgh and Leith.  The link was established on 20 June 1922.

The photograph above, by EO Catford shows the tram with the official party crossing the boundary at Pilrig at mid-day on 20 June 1922.


Replacement of Cable Cars by Electric Trams


The first routes were converted from cable cars to electric trams on 20 June 1922.  They were:

-  Pilrig to Liberton

-  Abbeyhill to St Andrew Square

-  Salisbury Place to Church Hill.

The conversion of all routes using Princes Street occurred overnight on 21-22 October1922.

The last route to be converted was on 24 June 1924:

-  Waterloo Place to Joppa



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