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Charles Reid

Family and Addresses

1881 Census

Charles Reid was born around 1838.  The 1881 census records him as aged 43, born Turriff Aberdeenshire, residing with his wife (Margaret R) and seven children at Bon Accord Cottage, 19 Shand Street, Cambusnethan.

The children were aged from 2 to 14, the 14-year-old, also named Charles Reid was born at Cuminstown, Aberdeenshire, and was described as 'Photographer's Assistant'.

Business Addresses

1877:  Charles Reid was in business in New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire

1882-1900:  Photographic Studio, Young Street, Wishaw

1900:  Photographic Studio, 32 Young Street, Wishaw

1903-1914 (or later):  Photographic Studio, 42 Young Street, Wishaw

Charles Reid also had a temporary studio in Biggar.

[Photographers of Lanarkshire to 1914:  compiled by D Richard Torrance  ISBN 1-904060-05-6]


Charles Reid


Charles Reid took many wildlife photographs.  He gave lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society on animal and bird photography in 1882, 1890 and 1896.

Here are some photos by Charles Reid.  Please click on these images to enlarge them.

Charles Reid  -  The Cats' Corner  -  Photograph published in The Practical Photographer, 1895 ©

The Cats' Corner

Glass Slide by photographer Charles Reid, Wishaw.  The slide is a view of farming on Arran ©

Sewing Corn in Arran

   Photograph by Charles Reid - Sheep on Skye ©

Sheep on Skye

   Photograph by Charles Reid - Highland Cattle on Skye ©

Highland Cattle on Skye


Charles Reid



Questions 1 and 2

Do you know anything about the photography of Charles Reid (born c.1867), the eldest son of Charles Reid (born c. 1838)?

1. Did he perhaps take over the Wishaw studio after his father's retirement?  This studio continued until at least 1914 by which time his father would have been aged about 76.

2. Was he perhaps the photographer who took the steelworks photographs referred to in the e-mail below?

Colin Findlay, who runs a web site on the history of the Scottish Steel industry sent me the message below:

Photographs of Steelworks

"I have sourced some photographs from Colville's Magazine, an in- house magazine for the Colville company, started in 1920. 

  It has some photographs attributed to Charles Reid.

I tried to trace Charles Reid and found a mention on your web site of a Charles Reid at Wishaw, and Wishaw was in the steel area at the time. However, in 1921 Charles Reid would have been 84 years old , 'though perhaps the business continued in the same name, as according to your web site his son was also Charles and was a photographer's assistant

Do you know any more about Charles Reid and whether any of his original photographs are preserved anywhere?"

Colin Findlay,  April 14, 2006

If you can help to answer Colin's question above, please e-mail me.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs


Thank you to Jim Reid, Edinburgh who replied:

Charles Reid's Photos

"I am the great grandson of the first Charles Reid.

The business in Wishaw did indeed transfer to his son, Charles Reid, and ultimately to my father, Andrew F Reid. 

Most of the photographs were signed 'C.R.', even in my Dadís time. There were thousands of photographs, in print or glass negative form, in the Studio at the corner of Young Street and Shand Street up to the early sixties.

Sadly almost all of them were destroyed by damp after being transferred to an outhouse.

I hope this helps to fill in some gaps in your interesting web pages."

Jim Reid, Grange, Edinburgh:  April 21, 2007



Question 3

Home and Studio

Thank you to Cliff Mark of Wishaw, North Lanarkshire who wrote, asking about Charles Reid's house in Wishaw:

Kirk Road House

"I believe I can add some background to your correspondent's questions about Charles Reid.

I live in the former home of Charles Reid in Wishaw. The house, on Kirk Road, was built around 1909 and is less than 10 minutes from the site of Mr Reid's former studio. I understand that the house was built for him and his sister."

Kirk Road Studio

"On the original deeds there is shown an outbuilding of approximately 15 feet by 10 feet.  By the 1950's this had been converted into a long double garage.

However its earlier history is still evidenced by a standing tap and large drain. It is more than possible that this was used as a home studio.

My neighbour has lived next door since 1946 and she tells me that when the outbuilding was extended to create the garage the then occupants had to remove "hundreds and hundreds" of glass photographic plates from the site."

Photographs of the House

"I have searched in vain for photographs of my house by Mr Reid. Perhaps this was a case of the 'cobblers children' whereby Mr Reid was too busy with his assignments as a peripatetic photographer to publish studies of his home life!"

Cliff Mark, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland:  August 19, 2006

If you know of any old photographs of Kirk Road, Wishaw, please
e-mail me so that I can pass on the news to Cliff Mark.

Thank you:  - Peter Stubbs.

Reply 1

Thank you to Jim Reid, Edinburgh, great-grandson of Charles Reid, for sending me the reply below.

Jim wrote:

Charles Reid's Houses

"I can also fill in some information about the house on Kirk Brae, Eastholm. It was built by my grandfather.  I'm not sure exactly when.

Prior to that house, the family lived at Bon Accord, 30 Shand St., adjacent to the studio.

Before that they lived at the bottom of Young Street, and had a temporary studio close to the one still standing.

They never had a studio at Eastholm,  but there was a washhouse and greenhouse behind the garage."

Jim Reid, Grange, Edinburgh:  April 23, 2007

Reply 2

Is this Charles Reid's house in Wishaw?

Thank you to Murray Wilson, Ontario, Canada, for sending me a copy  of a Charles Reid photo that he bought at an estate sale.  Murray wondered if this photo might have been of Charles Reid's house at Wishaw.

I've forwarded the photos to Cliff Mark, Wishaw, to ask him if it might be the same house.  If it is, I'll add the photo to this page.

Acknowledgement:  Murray Wilson, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada:  April 21, 2008

Cliff Mark replied:

"Unfortunately this is not my house in Wishaw but I'm very interested to see it all the same.

I believe that the Reids (father and son) both did a lot of agricultural work and this certainly looks like it might be a farmhouse."

Cliff Mark, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland,  April 21, 2008

Questions 4

Was Charles Reid related to the  W Reid who visited New Zealand at the end of the 19th century.

Bill Main writes from New Zealand:

"There is evidence that a W. Reid came to New Zealand in the 1890s and  gave talks on his photography

Also, he allowed some of his animal studies to be turned into postcards for the local market."

Bill Main, New Zealand:  August 23, 2009

If you can help to answer this question, please e-mail me.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs


Thank you to Bill Main for answering is question.

Bill wrote:

New Zealand

"My research is still in its early stages, but I can confirm that Charles Reid did have sons. See Ian Sumner's bio on him in Hannavy's Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Photography page 1186.

A Reid, presumably William Reid, was in New Zealand in March 1899 when he gave a talk and presented a large carbon print of some cattle to members of the local photographic society.

His, or the firm's, links with NZ continued for some years after this visit with illustrations appearing in some of our photographic and illustrated journals.

Furthermore, at least three different varieties of postcards bear Reid images:

1. The Wrench Series of U.K. with W Reid credited

2. Plain Reid on a NZ Graphic Series, where the C Reid name can also be seen.  These are NZ scenes so perhaps the credit should read W Reid?

3. An un named NZ series  with perforations.  These just say Reid of Wishaw but show NZ views that are identified as such with cattle and animals


"I also suspect that this member of the family went on to Australia where he did repeat performances of talks and getting his father's work published in various journals."

Bill Main, New Zealand:  August 25, 2009



Charles Reid

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