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Archibald Hugh Maclucas

     Archibald Hugh MacLucas  -  in later life ©

Archibald MacLucas entered his photographs into exhibitions over many years, achieving many acceptances.  Here are a couple of of his landscape photos:


Bakehouse Close

Bakehouse Close is one of the small closes (or lanes)
 leading from the Edinburgh Royal Mile.

Bakehouse Close runs to the South from the Royal Mile,
beside Huntly House Museum, now the Museum of Edinburgh.

Bakehouse Close  -  by Archibald Hugh MacLucas

©  Reproduced by courtesy of the MacLucas family

Bakehouse Close by Archibald MacLucas


What is it?

This photograph, entitled 'What is It?' by Archibald H Maclucas was awarded

The EPC Memorial Shield.

A small reproduction  of the photo appeared in  The EPS Syllabus 1949-50

Photograph by Archibald H Maclucas  -  Title: 'What is It?'  -  Winner of the EPC Memorial Shield

©  Reproduced by courtesy of the MacLucas family

What is It? by Archibald MacLucas


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