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31 Mar to 14 Apr

One Man Exhibition

J Craig Annan, Glasgow

30 Oct to 13 Nov

One Man Exhibition

F P Moffat, Edinburgh

FP Moffat

An exhibition of Mr Moffat's work is now open in the Society's Hall at 38 Castle Street.  Like its predecessors, the exhibition is interesting and instructive, and, considering the limitations of photography, one cannot but marvel at the high degree of artistic excellence attained by Mr Moffat.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10am to 10pm on Saturday, 30th October curt. till Saturday 13th November, except on the 3rd and 10th curt., when it will be closed at 6pm.  No charge will be made for admission.

[Transactions of EPS:  Oct 1909, p.11]

15 Jan to 22 Jan

One Man Show

FJ Mortimer
Editor of 'Amateur Photographer'

FJ Mortimer

An Exhibiton of Mr Mortimer's work

[Transactions of EPS:  Oct 1909, p.11]


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