Photographic Outing

Photographic Society of Scotland Outing to Craigmillar Castle -1856

Stereo Pair of Photographs  -  PSS Outing 1856

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services


PSS  Photographic Outing

Thomas Keith

Here is a stereo pair of prints of a photographic outing to Craigmillar Castle.

John Hannavy suggests, in his book Thomas Keithís Scotland, that this was a Photographic Society of Scotland Outing in 1856.  That was the year that the PSS was founded

He suggests that Dr Thomas Keith, a PSS Member and one of Scotlandís most talented Victorian amateur photographers, may be one of the photographers in this group.



PSS  Photographic Outing  -  Thomas Keith

Thank you to Shelley McKinney who wrote:

Thomas Keith

"I recently purchased a booklet 'Thomas Keith 1827-1895 Surgeon and Photographer' [The Hurd Bequest: Edinburgh Corporation Libraries and Museums Committee, 1966].'

This booklet includes a copy of this photograph of Members of the Photographic Society of Scotland on a photographic outing:

Stereo pair of photographs  -  PSS Outing, 1856 ©

The booklet says

'Though the figures are not identified, there is a strong resemblance between the hatless gentleman seated against the wall and Thomas Keith, and the foreground camera is of the size and type which was used by him.' "

Shelley McKinney, Sacramento, California, USA:  September 5, 2008


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