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In 1895, Matthew Surface, editor of The Practical Photographer wrote article describing how Henry Peach Robinson had still retained his interest photography, This was about 40 years after he first exhibited his photographs.  Matthew Surface wrote:.

"Although retired from active participation in photographic matters, he nevertheless devotes a great part of his time to the literary side of the art-science, and produces each year at least one or two pictures of similar nature to those for which he has so long been famous. ..."

"In his present residence at Tunbridge Wells, surrounded with books and pictures, he yet generously gives his attention to answering letters which he receives from all parts of the country almost every day, asking advice on such matters as studio building, arrangement of lighting, and other details ..."

"His walls are hung with pictures, including many of his own taking ... , a little picture of Rejlander's ... [and] examples of some of Nicéphore Niepce's early experiments, dated 1826 and 1827.

[The Practical Photographer:  March 1895, p.65]


Books of Cuttings on Photography

The article also refers to Rejlander's innumerable books of cuttings on subjects that interested him. Over 30 years earlier, in correspondence to the Photographic Society of Scotland, Rejlander spoke of his collection of photographs of other photographers around Edinburgh and encouraged an exchange of photos.


Does anybody know if Rejlander's books of cuttings and collection of photographs have survived - and where?

Flash-lamp Photograph

In 1895, HP Robinson was also the subject of a photograph, as was reported in this brief note:

"During the mayoral banquet at Tunbridge Wells, on January 12th, a flash-light picture of the table was taken by  Mr PS Lankester, who used a Mawson plate, and 16 flash-lamps giving a light of 80,000 candle power.

The company present included the Mayor (Sir David Salamons), the Lord Mayor of London, HP Robinson and many other well-known men."

[The Practical Photographer:  March 1895, p.88]



HP Robinson died on 21 February 1901.  He is buried in Ben Hall Road Cemetery, Tunbridge Wells.  He personally designed and carved the headstone of his grave.

[MFH:  p.96,.  See also p.83 for a photograph of the headstone of HP Robinson's grave]

MFH = Margaret F Harker:  Henry Peach Robinson - Master of Photographic Art 1830-1901

RL = Robert Leggat  Web site:  History of Photography

TPP = The Practical Photographer



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