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PSS - 6th Exhibition

December 1861


Entrants from Outside Scotland

Other Entries



-  Exhibits the Wax paper process.

J Ramsay L'Amy

-  3 landscapes

-  3 portraits

The press wrote:  

"Excellent portraits and landscapes, well worth notice."
  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

TM Browning

-  4 landscapes

JC Burton

-  11 frames of Indian photographs

-  6 photos of the Nile, Thebes, etc.

A Claudet

-  8 portraits mounted in gilt border frames

-  1 frame of visiting cards 

"It is interesting that the Frenchman called these visiting cards, whilst all other exhibitors referred to cartes de visite."

The press wrote:  

"Cartes de visite  are above average quality" 

  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

A Claudet wrote:

"My charges for photographs vary according to size.  The large ones you have are four guineas and the smallest are one guinea for the first copy, and half price for every one after. 
  [Letter was from “JE Allan for A Claudet" to PSS
  16 December 1861]

He was clearly frustrated with the British weather when he wrote:

“What a pity the climate is so cloudy!  Photography must emigrate to Africa, or we must erect a tower of Babel in order to raise our Solar Camera to a height at which the sun perpetually shines.  How happy I would then be.” 
[Letter:  A Claudet to P


Some scenes from the recent war in China

Rev GH Egerton(?)

-  8 photos of Rome, including a portrait of the Pope

-  8 mountain scenes, including the Matterhorn.

-  6 wet collodion photographs

What else is known of Rev G H Egerton?  He is referred to in a book on Brewster as having been working with a pinhole camera.

R Gordon
Isle of Wight

-  14 landscapes

Vernon Heath

-  21 landscapes

These were sent to the PSS exhibition by Murray & Heath, 43 Piccadilly, London - Opticians, Philosophical Chemical and Photographic Instrument Makers

Vernon Heath was enthusiastic about the Photographic Society of Scotland and its exhibitions.  He wrote:

"I have the pleasure to announce to you that I have sent off by the night train a case containing 21 photographs in 7 frames.

It is, I assure you, a source of very great satisfaction to me that it will be at your exhibition my Scotch photographs will be first publicly seen.  

I have so much to remember of an extremely pleasing and gratifying nature in connection with my late visit to Scotland that, slight as the matter may appear to you, it is really satisfactory to me that the Scotch views I send you will be seen first in Edinbro’." 
 [Letter:  Vernon Heath to PSS]

At least one of Heath's exhibits must have been a portrait. The press wrote:

"Full length sweet small portrait of the late lamented Prince consort is particularly interesting at the present moment."

[The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

Heath & Beau

-  Cartes de visite

   Mediatives Photographiqus  -  What are they?

William Hector

-  1 small photograph


-  Exhibits the Wax Paper Process

Henry Hering

He sent 10 frames, and wrote:

“I think the pictures will cover about 50 square feet of the walls of your exhibition.”
[Letter:  Henry Hering to PSS]

His entry consisted of:

-  1 large frame, with 10 portraits of Indian Colonies   - 6/- each.
-  2 frames each 8 portraits   - 10/6 each.
-  Other portraits.

The press as enthusiastic about his entry:

"Some remarkably clever portraits, artistic and elegant"

  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

 "cleanness and general excellence" 


The press wrote:

"Calotype portraits are of considerable merit"  
[The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

J Hogarth jun.

-  21 photos in frames

J Horsburgh

The press wrote:

"Excellent portraits"   
   [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

TB Johnstone

-  5 landscapes of Bridge of Allan, all on waxed paper

London Stereoscopic Co

-  Paris views   -  1/6 each [retail price]:  trade discount 331/3%. 

Alexander Mitchell Innes
Ayton Castle

-  1 wet collodion portrait

-  3 wet collodion landscapes

 The press wrote:

"Clever and artistic compositions."
[The Scotsman 1862]

F Maxwell Lyte

-  15 landscapes of Pyrenees  -  20/- each excluding frames

Maxwell Lyte gave instructions on the framing of his prints, and an explanation of the process he used:

"If you will have the frames made beforehand that will be best.  They must be 25 ¼ ins x 19 ½ ins inside measurement and may be of black or better still rosewood molding, preferable to gold.

Some are wet collodion; some metagelatives (?) and printed on albumenised paper, toned by my process with phosphate of soda and then chloride of gold as described in the paper read this year before the Society."    [Letter:  Maxwell Lyte to PSS]

"Thanks for the trouble taken in framing the prints.  Please keep the frames for future use.  I do not intend to make any larger prints.]

He spoke favourably of the exhibition.

“I look upon your exhibition as standing in respect of the Universal Exhibition as the £1000 Stakes at Newmarket does to the Derby.”  [Letter:  Maxwell Lyte to PSS 7 October 1861]

Arthur Maddison

-  A showmount containing 8 cartes de visite

Arthur Maddison was unclear about the exhibition rules.  He wrote:

"If there must not be more than 6 pictures, please stick a piece of paper over the two worst" 
[letter:  A Maddison to PSS]

Henry Morton

-  12 landscapes of Derbyshire

James Mudd

- 24 large size mounted landscapes @ 7/6   =  £  9:  0:-
- 42 smaller size mounted landscapes @ 6/- =
£ 12:12:-
- 19 unmounted large landscapes @ 6/6       =
£  6: 3: 6
- 14 unmounted small landscapes @ 5/-      
 = £ 3:10: -

James Mudd sent his entry to the exhibition.  He wrote:

"Photographs have been sent by luggage train.  Most were English and Scottish landscapes.  I hope they may be placed favourably as to light in your Exhibition." 
 [Letter:  James Mudd to PSS]

The press wrote:

"Mr Mudd is the champion of collodio-albumen"   

James Wood won a Silver Medal at the exhibition.  He wrote:

“I beg to acknowledge the safe arrival of the medal which your Society has awarded me.  I feel much pleased that I have again had the good fortune to gain this honour, the more as I did not expect it in the least.

I fear that my time this year will be very much occupied and that my contributions to your next exhibition will not be so numerous.” 
[Letter:  James Mudd to PSS]

I Dixon Piper

-  Landscapes and buildings  5/6d to 12/6d

The Press wrote:

"Perfect manipulation  -  lacking taste in arrangement of subjects. 

Richard Rimmer

-  3 photos by the waxed paper process

Henry Peach Robinson

The Lady of Shalott (without frame)  £1 11s 6d (1½ gns),

Elaine with the Shield of Lancelot     5/-

-  Early Spring     4/-

Group of Children

5 cartes de visit  

HP Robinson was frustrated by the weather.  He wrote:

I am sorry to inform you I have not a single copy of “Early Spring”.  I will send you the next lot I print.  The weather has been so bad that the Lady of Shalott has not been printed.  It takes 3 days fine weather to produce a copy." 
[Letter:  HP Robinson to PSS]

The  Press wrote: 

"Cartes de visite  are above average quality" 
[The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]


HP Robinson was awarded a Silver Medal at the exhibition for his photograph "Somebody's Coming".


He wrote:

“I am exceedingly obliged to your Society for the great honour it has conferred on me by again awarding a Medal to my pictures.

I feel that I ought to thank the Society personally and am indeed very much annoyed my Doctor will not allow me to undertake the journey.

I am sorry to say that the excitement of attending a meeting would be likely to do me an injury.  I suffer so much from nervousness.”   
[Letter:  HP Robinson to PSS  24 February 1862]

“I shall have great pleasure in preparing a Paper for one of your meetings.  I have already commenced one for the purpose, on Albumen Portraits but I can scarcely say when it will be ready."
[Letter:  HP Robinson to PSS  16 March 1862]

Hugh Robert

Rump, Norfolk

-  3 Norfolk

Thomas Ross

-  1 frame of 4 panoramic pictures of Jersey, taken with Sutton’s Panoramic Lens including an angle of 100 degrees,  wet collodion.

Exhibited by Thomas Ross:  artist = Harrat

Capt. Grant Suttie

The Press wrote:

"Cartes de visite  are above average quality" 
   [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

Thomas Tylor

-  13 frames of English landscapes

S Thomson

-  23 exhibits, mainly architecture.

J Woods

-  4 wet collodion photos by an amateur

J Woodridge

-  12 frames, each containing 8 cartes de visite, taken by rapid process without headrests or other supports.





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