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1924 Map of Edinburgh Trams and Buses

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Key to Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department tram and bus map from the mid-1920s




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   1924 Map of Edinburgh Trams and Buses 

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Edinburgh Transport Map Cover - 1924             Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department  -  Map of Tram and Bus Routes  -  1924

This map was published in 1924.  One of the adverts on the back of the map is for 'Scottish Union & National Insurance Co'.  This advert gives a clue to the date of the map, as it refers to company's centenary, 1824-1924.

DLG Hunter's book 'Edinburgh Transport, the Corporation Years' (pp.31, 32, 38) gives information that allows the map to be dated more accurately.  In particular:

a)  There was a major revision of tram routes on June 1, 1924, including the new Route 6 (Marchmont Circle) and extension of Route 16 (from Morningside Station to Braids.

b)  Tram Service 23 (Goldenacre to Tollcross via Hanover Street and Mound) commenced on 8 June, replacing Bus Service 3.

c)  Tram Service 12 was extended from Seafield to King's Road, Portobello on October 26, 1924.

This map shows changes a) and b) but not c) above, so it was probably published when the major revision of tram routes was introduced in June 1924.


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