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Tower Wagons

North Bridge and the North British Hotel


Tower wagons  -  installing cables for Edinburgh's electric trams

Tower Wagons on the North Bridge  -  North British Hotel in the background

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc


Tower Wagons at North Bridge

Two tower wagons at North Bridge in 1922.  These were completing the conversion of the cable car tramway on this route to electric operation.

The old tramway track, with its central groove for the cable can be seen in the foreground.

This is one of two photographs of these tower wagons on North Bridge.

 Tower Wagons on the North Bridge  -  North British Hotel in the background

In the background of this photograph, by EO Catford, is Register House at the East End of Princes Street.

A very similar photo, but taken from a few yards further to the north, beside the North British Hotel, appears in DLG Hunter's book, 'Edinburgh Transport, The Corporation Years' (Page 16) with the caption:

"Completion of overhead wiring of the first section to be undertaken, Pilton to Nether Liberton, just a few days prior to the commencement of the electric operation.

At the foot of North Bridge, facing Register House and the Wellingron statue, are the first two tower wagons.

SG5077, on the left, is a 1922 Tilling Stevens.

-  WS194, on the right, is a Haley formerly of Leith Corporation dating back to 1914.

A Sunday morning, to judge by the absence of other traffic."




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