Prisoners of War

Farm Workers

Thank you to James Watson Pringle, Canterbury for sending the following message for the Polton Farm pages on this web site.

Polton Farm

"I lived in Polton Farm for eighteen years.  It is great to hear about the farm after such a long time, it was knocked down in 1963 give or take a few years.

Italian Prisoners of War

"I remember very well the Italian prisoners of war who helped on the farm. There were many hilarious events.

The Italians were very good craftsman they carved ornate toys and mobiles, they were mostly very happy but used to moan about having to work. One day they downed their hoes and refused to work.

Jock Anderson asked me to get the sergeant who was having a cup of tea at the farmhouse. When I told him he said 'Don't worry I'll sort out in a tick.'

He picked up his rifle and sauntered up the road. As soon as the sergeant appeared at the gate of the field, the prisoners  picked up their hoes, and started working without saying a word. It was either at the end or just after the end of WWII and everybody knew the rules."

James Watson Pringle, Canterbury, Kent, England:  June 11, 2006

Thank you Matt Rooney who worked for a while on Polton Farm for replying:

Hawthornden Farm

German Prisoners of War

"I wasn't to sure of the nationality of the Prisoners at Willie's farm but there were German P.O.W.'s at Hawthornden Farm at Rosewell.

They used to make toys for the Local wains and to us wee boys didn't seem like "The Enemy."

I think that they had to wear patches on the back of their Uniform's to signify who they were, but for the wains anything different was like a new game.

Matt Rooney, Ayrshire, Scotland:  June 13, 2006


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