Juniper Green

in the

1960s to 1970s




Thank you to Michael, formerly of Juniper Green, for information about this view of the entrance to Baberton Golf Club

Postcard by A R Montgomery, Juniper Green  -  View of Juniper Green

and also for his recollections below:

Michael wrote:

Juniper Green

"I spent most of my childhood in and around Juniper Green in the 60's and early 70's.  My parents still live there."


"As children we spent a lot of time exploring, especially along the water of Leith and amongst the paper mills, old railway etc."

The Railway

"I remember goods trains going very slowly up and down from the coal yard at Balerno.  We used to try and and jump onto the back of the train when it stopped at the crossing gates behind Juniper Green post office!"

Michael.  19 September 2005




Mike Cheyne

Thank you to Mike Cheyne for posting a message on the EdinPhoto guestbook.

Michael wrote:

Old Photograph

"It's good to see Juniper Green featured with Al Lorentzen's photo of the Water of Leith.

Water of Leith at the foot of Baberton Loan, Junipert Green - 1960 


"We used to swim in a natural pool at the foot of the waterfall until one day we noticed the river was full of dead fish. Apparently this was the result of the myriad paper mills upstream discharging poisonous chemicals into the river.  One of these mills was Woodhall.  It can be seen behind the waterfall in this photo.  We never swam there again!"


"To the top right of the photograph you can make out the embankment wall of the single-track railway line from Slateford to Balerno which was closed to passengers in the 1930s, but open to goods traffic until the 1960s.  There was one train each day and much fun we had trying to jump onto the guards van as it left Juniper Green station for Currie."


"At the bottom right of the photograph, unseen, was the entrance to a mill race which fed the waterwheel of the snuff mill next to the station at Juniper. This mill was a ruin in my youth but another admirable playground!

We had many playgrounds in and around Juniper Green, including of course the Pentland Hills. Now the urban sprawl has taken over what was essentially in those days a village on the Edinburgh/Midlothian border"

Mike Cheyne:  Message posted on EdinPhoto guestbook,  28 September 2010


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