Hyvot's Bank

Primary School




Christine Lenton

Thank you to Christine Lenton who wrote:


"I went to Hyvot's Bank Primary School from 1960 onwards.  My mum was a cleaner at the school and sometimes a dinner lady

Gilmerton was a great place back then.  We always had lots to do.  Nae of this xbox for us.  Does anyone mind of Dirty Dick's or Dean Woods?"

Christine Lenton.  August 10, 2011




Bob Henderson

Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

At least one person remembers the places that Christine Lenton mentions above!

Bob Henderson wrote:

Dirty Dick's

"When I was a boy in the late-1940s and early-1950s, Dirty Dick's was a working sandpit.

It's now a pond in a Local Nature Reserve.  Here is a sign on Straiton Road, just south of the Edinburgh By-Pass.  Follow the path from this sign and it takes you to  the pond.

Local Nature Reserve Sign  -  Straiton Pond

Dirty Dick's had very steep high sides with a steep sloping mass of loose sand at the bottom of the sheer drop.  We used to jump from the top down into the slopes.  I sometimes wonder how we survived to tell these tales!"

Dean Woods

"The Dean Woods were on the west side of Lang Loan Road (the road from Straiton Roundabout to Lasswade Road) at the point where there is a deep dip in the road.  The woods ran westwards down the slope towards the Burdiehouse Burn.

The Dean Woods later became a site for clay pigeon shooting with several hides etc. to fire the clays from. It is no longer accessible from the road a large bank has been thrown up across the area which used to be the entrance.

Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh:  August 12, 2011 (3 emails)


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