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  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Edinburgh


Gonk Club

Thank you to Frank Ferri who wrote:


"Here's a blast from the past  -  the 1960s  -  and some of the bands of the time that may bring back memories to your readers.

My old band, the 'Jokers Rhythm & Blues', are listed. We did all the city clubs, Kirknewton America Airbase,  Lothians, Borders and as far as Aviemore and McDuff."


I noted on your site a reference to the 'Embers'.  I knew them all well and worked with most of them in Ferranti'

'The Embers'  A group from Dumbiedykes

I remember the Boston Dexters with Toto McNaughton, Tam White, Frankie Conners and Tam Paton when they were called the Crusaders.


Last year, I organised a reunion of '60s musicians in Leith Dockers club on a Sunday afternoon.

Johnny (Rainbow) Laidalw and Frankie Conners came up from London to attend.  Totto McNaughton and many others showed up.  We had a great session.

Frank Ferri:  Newhaven, Edinburgh:  May 7, 2008


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