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'The Embers'


'The Embers'  -  1963

'The Embers'  A group from Dumbiedykes

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jean Rae, Southside, Edinburgh

Another Photo

This is one of two photos of 'The Embers' provided by Jean Rae.  Here is the other photo.

'The Embers'  A group from Dumbiedykes ©

Both photos were signed by the group on the back, and dated 1963.



'The Embers'


Thank you to Jean Rae for providing two photograph of the group 'The Embers', and also the details below. 

The members of the group were (left to right):

-  Willie Syme (who lived in the house beside St Andrew's Church)

-  Alan Bomford  (Please click here to read a 2007 message from Alan.)

-  Jimmy Hush

-  Peter Bottomley  (Please click here to read a 2007 comment from Peter.)

-  Jimmy Cruickshank

'The Embers' played, mainly Rhythm & Blues in Church Halls and Dance Halls. 

They practiced in the old stables at Waterson Avenue, near Yardley's paper shop.  There used to be pig sties in this area.


'The Embers'


Thank you to Cathy Banks (now Gray) who recalls the Embers in Edinburgh.

Cathy wrote:


"I went to most, if not all, of the venues where 'The Embers' played.  My chum was Mags.

Some of my other chums were, and still are:

-  Janet Grieve (now Kirk) who lived in Lochview Court and who sent me this link up.  In those fabulous day Janet's chum was Helen Flannigan.

-   Helen Campbell.  Helen lived at the foot of the Canongate. 

June Archer (now Pickles)

We were all Embers' daft!!!  At that time they were as popular as the Beatles - at least in Edinburgh!"


"I remember going to a dance, one summer's evening in June, at the swimming pool in Portobello.  Also in Portobello the group played at a small club called 'The Scene', now and again."

'The 209'

"After the group had finished a gig, usually at weekends, they would go to 'The 209'.  It was a Café in Torphichen Street in Edinburgh.  But I recall, the first time they asked Mags and me if we would like to go, we said 'no' because we thought it was a bus !!! -  and we did not know what or where its was !!!! 

Daft or what !!!!!


Mags and I used to chat to Alan and Jimmy in our lunch hour, on the days they were in Leith at Ferranti's training school in Couper Street , Leith.  They would tell us when and where they were playing on different nights - great stuff."

Cathy Banks (now Gray), Portobello,  Edinburgh:  May 27, 2007




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