Working in Edinburgh as an





John Clark

Newcastle, Ontario, Canada

Edinburgh Shops

"When I went through all the messages on the web site pertaining to the shops in central Edinburgh, it sure brought back some very dear memories.

I was an apprentice in PT's then, following my army service, I was an electrician for all of the House of Fraser.  I really did get around:

-  PT's

J&R Allens


-  Peter Allens




-  and probably a few more that I can't bring to mind.

We also worked in Glasgow, when they built a new Arnott Simpsons store."

Patrick Thomsons

"Does anyone remember the whole front of PT's lit up with Christmas lights?  We started that job in mid-September to have it ready.

What about the Grotto in the basement of PT's?  We did all the electrical work but the kudos belonged to the window dressing dept."

John Clark, Newcastle, Ontario, Canada:  January 19, 2010


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