Edinburgh Zoo

Corstorphine Hill, Corstorphine, West Edinburgh

Here are two photos taken during an Edinburgh Photographic Society outing to Edinburgh Zoo, in the 1960s:

Edinburgh Photographic Society - Beginners' Portfolio Group Outing to Edinburgh Zoo  Edinburgh Photographic Society - Beginners' Portfolio Group Outing to Edinburgh Zoo




George Renton Jr.

Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada

Thank you to George Renton who sent me a message after reading the question about the bus terminus at Eastfield:

Routes 26 and 44  -  Terminus  -  possibly at Eastfield, Joppa

George wrote:

Route 26

"When I left Edinburgh for Canada in December 1965, the only routes that terminated at Eastfield were 25 and 26.

Route 26 ran to Clermiston.

I used to ride it all the way to the bitter end at Clermiston, then cut across the field to the tower, on up Corstorphine Hill,  and sneak into the back of the Edinburgh Zoo.

If you where small enough you could defeat the exit turnstile at the Aquarium and make a full day of it."

George Renton, Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada:  June 17, 2008




Vic Baczor

London, England

Photos of Voytek the Bear

Vic Baczor tells me that he has a web site dedicated to Voytek the Polish bear that was kept at Edinburgh Zoo following World War II.

Vic is hoping to discover more photos of Voytek, from his time in Scotland, that he can display on his web site.

If you have any such photos or know of any, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Vic.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  April 5, 2009



Edinburgh Evening News

Thank you to Eric Gold, East End, London for suggesting that Edinburgh Evening News might have photos of Voytek.  Eric added that in the past he had bought several photos from the Evening News and that he had found their prices to be very reasonable. 

However, it would also be necessary to check with the Evening News whether or not they would allow any of their photos of Vytek to be displayed (with appropriate attribution) on the Voytek web site.

Edinburgh Evening News photos are now sold by Scotsman Photo Gallery.


Edinburgh Zoo

Eric also suggested that it might be worthwhile contacting Edinburgh Zoo, as he felt sure that they would have photos of Voytek somewhere in their collection.

Acknowledgement:  Eric Gold, East End, London:  April 6+7, 2009


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