Scottish National Exhibition


Saughton Park

The Scottish National Exhibition in 1908 was held at Saughton Park,  Edinburgh.   Please click on the map below for further details, including the tramway and railway routes from the City Centre to the exhibition.

Pulsford's Map and Guide showing Railway and Tramway routes from the City Centre to the 1908 Exhibition at Saughton

Exhibition Guide

The description of the exhibition, below  (with my own paragraph headings and pictures added), is taken from Pulsford's Map and Guide of Edinburgh, published in 1908, price One Penny:


"THE EXHIBITION has been erected on the Saughton Hall Estate, granted by the Edinburgh Corporation for the purpose. The site consists of about 40 acres, on the city boundary, a little over a mile west of Princes Street.   (In fact, the distance on the map appears to be approx 2 miles!)

The grounds are admirably adapted for the purpose, being well provided with shady trees and commanding fine views of Edinburgh and the surrounding country, with Corstorphine Hill close by on the north and the Pentlands on  the south.  Included in the grounds is the Old Mansion House of Saughton Hall with the beautiful gardens adjoining."


  Post Card - Scottish National Exhibition, Edinburgh 1908 - William Thyne

"The main buildings comprise the Industrial Hall, Machinery Hall, Fine Arts Gallery, Concert Hall, Canadian Pavilion, Winter Garden, etc. Besides these there are Russian and Irish pavilions, a Model Hospital, Small Holdings, Refreshment Saloons, Band and Grand Stands, Kiosks and other buildings."


"Apart from the music the chief attraction in the way of amusements is a Senegal village  -  a good reproduction of a native kraal, where the inhabitants may be seen carrying on their daily life much as they would do under their own tropical skies.  The village contains about a hundred men, women and children.

  Water Chute

    A Valentine "XL Series Real Photograph" Postcard  of the Water Chute at the Scottish National Exhibition, Edinburgh, 1908

A popular amusement is the water shute, said to the largest in the kingdom, having a switchback descent, it has an enhanced attraction for those who enjoy such excitements.

Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter at the 1908 Scottish National Exhibition in Soughton Park

The 'Helter Skelter', the 'Hall of Laughter' and the Spider's Web and Maze afford endless amusement.

  Figure of Eight Railway

    Valentind Postcard  -  Scottish National Exhibition, Edinburgh, 1908  -  Figure of Eight Railway and House of Troubles

There are also a switchback railway in the form of a figure of eight and revolving air ships.  Fire-work displays are frequent, and there are many other attractions."


"The Exhibition, besides being easy of access by road, is favoured by good railway and tramway services.  The new station on the North British Railway takes visitors to the main entrance.  Merchiston Station on the Caledonian Railway, and Gorgie Station on the Suburban Railway, are within easy walking distance of the Exhibition."


Here are more postcards of the exhibition.

Durie Brown Postcard  -  Scottish National Exhibition, 1908, at Saughton Park     Durie Brown Postcard  -  Scottish National Exhibition, 1908, at Saughton Park


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