Early Descriptions of Edinburgh

Craigleith Quarry

From:  Modern Athens - Published 1829

Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  Craigleith Quarry

This description of Craigleith Quarry refers to the engraving above.

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The quarry is situated about 2 miles to the north-west of central Edinburgh.

Craigleith Quarry

"The excavations represented in the annexed print, situated at the distance of about a mile and a half to the north-west of the New Town, afforded the greater portion of the stone with which that part of Edinburgh was built; and are well worthy the attention of the geologist, and of every stranger.

The hill, at one end of which these excavations are made, is composed, almost to the surface, of free-stone of very fine white appearance, and of solid texture.

Hence have been obtained blocks of immense size, which are susceptible of great delicacy of sculpture, as exemplified in the capitals of the columns in Waterloo Place, and in other parts of modern Edinburgh."

[Modern Athens]



Early descriptions of Edinburgh




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