Edinburgh New Town

First New Town

East Section

Kirkwood Map  -  1819

Detail from map of Edinburgh New Town  -   Kirkwood, 1819  -  First New Town, east section

  Reproduced by courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.
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Aerial View  -  2001

Detail from an aerial photograph of Edinburgh  -  XYZ Digital Map Co  -  First New Town, East Section

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First New Town

East Section

   Detail from map of Edinburgh New Town  -  Kirkwood, 1819  -  Edinburgh New Town, east section

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The First New Town of Edinburgh includes the regular pattern of streets bounded by:

-  Princes Street (to the south)

-  Queen Street (to the north)

-  Charlotte Square (to the west)

-  St Andrew Square (to the east)

This section of the map runs approximately from Hanover Street to beyond St Andrew Square.

The railway has not yet arrived in Princes Street Gardens and the Scott Monument has not yet been built.  There is a diagonal path running through East Princes Street Gardens, marked 'New Road to Markets'.


Kirkwood Map  -  1819

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