Gareth Wyn Jones

Bruntsfield 2001

23 Nov 2001 to 7 Dec  2001

Poster for Photographic Exhibition by Gareth Wyn Jones  -  Bruntsfield 2001

  Copyright: Gareth Wyn Jones

Gareth Wyn Jones

Gareth Wyn Jones was born in Bangor, Wales in 1952.  He is a printmaker, screen printer, photographer and part-time social worker,  currently working in Edinburgh.  His photography, over the past four years, includes Scottish landscapes, architecture, still life and people.

The Venue

This exhibition is hung around the walls of Christ Church at 'Holy Corner', 4 Morningside Road in the Bruntsfield district of Edinburgh, about a mile or two to the South of Central Edinburgh. 

['Holy Corner' is so-named because it is a cross-roads with four churches, one on each corner of the cross-roads]

The Photos

The photographs in this exhibition feature shopkeepers, shoppers and others in the streets of Bruntsfield, some with expressions well-captured.  All prints are on fibre paper and are selenium toned.

The exhibition comprises 32 photographs selected from 500 photos of Bruntsfield, all taken by Gareth Wyn Jones during 2001.  The photograph on the poster above is entitled:  Agnes - On the threshold with Joy.  It is this photo, taken in February 2001 that inspired Gareth produce his exhibition.

Framed photographs from the exhibition are for sale at 99 each.