Mono (black & white) post cards

Newhaven  -  New Lane

Post card  -  WR & S Reliable Series

Newhaven new Lane  -  Black & white post card  - WR & S Reliable Series

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Newhaven  -  New Lane

Message on the Card

The black & white post card above was posted in 1903.  Modern cards have divided backs, with both the message and address being written on the back.  

In this case the writer had to write their message in the small area around the photo.  This message ends:

"This view is of Newhaven, not ten minutes walk from where we stay and the women all dress like this who stay in this part.

The women sell the fish at the doors. 

 They are a happy go lucky lot."

Two Post cards from one Photo

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The post card above is produced by WR&S.  The company also used this photo to produce the hand-coloured post card below.

    Newhaven New Street  -  Post card by Relaible