A foggy day in 2003


Newhaven Main Street

Newhaven Main Street  -  A foggy day in June 2003

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                     Photograph taken June 2003


Newhaven has a long history.  It was one of the places visited by Hill & Adamson in the 1840s.  

There is now a short by-pass around taking the road between Newhaven Harbour and Newhaven village.  But the old streets of Newhaven, including Newhaven High Street (above) still exist.  The picture above looks to the west along Newhaven High Street towards the church. 

On a foggy day, the scene can be reminiscent of 50 years ago,  or 150 years ago:

Newhaven  -  A foggy day in the 1950s

A Foggy Day in the 1950s


Newhaven Main Street  -  The King's Arms

Thank you to Diane Simpson, who e-mailed me after seeing this photo:

Newhaven Main Street on a foggy day in 2003

Diane wrote:

"I am sure that the building on the right in this picture was once 'The Kings Arms'.  The pub later became the Bow Tow, and now it's a private home.

My Dad, Charlie Smibert, used to run the King's Arms.  His mother, Margaret Smibert,  die:  d when my Dad was young and was not old enough to run the Pub . His sister (May) took over until Dad was old enough.  He ran it until about mid 1955.

At that point my Mother and he bought a hotel in the borders, The Spread Eagle Hotel in Jedburgh."

Diane Simpson:  January 10, 2008