Wauchope Crescent

photographed from the junction with Wauchope Avenue



Rex Launderette and Wauchope Crescent  -  2007

  Peter Stubbs  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                      Photograph taken February 5,  2007 at 4.57pm

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  Rex Launderette and Wauchope Crescent  -  2007


Rex Launderette

Rex Launderette was at the junction of Wauchope Avenue (on the left) and Wauchope Crescent (on the right).

This view looks to the NE towards the Launderette, in the low sunlight of early February 2007.

The houses are in:

LEFT:  Wauchope Avenue

CENTRE:  Wauchope Terrace

RIGHT:  Wauchope Crescent


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