The Vennel

in the Old Town of Edinburgh

The Vennel

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  Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA


The Vennel


The Vennel runs down the hill beside George Heriot's school, running towards the north into the Grassmarket, opposite Edinburgh Castle.

This view looks down the steps towards the Grassmarket.  Part of the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle can be seen in the background at the top of the picture.

Thank you to Al Lorentzen for allowing me to reproduce his photograph above.  Al tells me that this photo would have been taken in the 1980s.***

Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA, (RAF Kirknewton 1959-62):  November 7, 2010

*** Please also see Reply 1 below




David Broatch

New Zealand

Thank you to David Broatch for commenting on the date of the photo of No.1 Vennel, at the top of this page.

David reconstructed and restored the north side of Brown's Place, and created No.1 Vennel, the lower flat, together with Civil Engineer Phil Summerfield.  David carried out this work while he was an architecture student in Edinburgh in 1971-72.

David wrote:



" This is how the building was when I bought it:

- bricked up windows.

-  lead parapet gutter stolen."


This photo, taken by Al Lorentzen, is earlier than the 1980s;  probably about 1970."

David Broatch, New Zealand (since 1977):  July 1, 2014



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