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Letter Boxes

i.e.  Pillar Boxes  -  Lamp Boxes (on posts)  -  Wall Boxes

Most letter boxes in Britain have Royal Cyphers,
indicating the reign when the letter box was installed:

Royal Cypher



VR      (monogram)


Queen Victoria

EVIIR   (monogram)


King Edward VII

GR        (capitals)


George V

EVIIIR  (monogram)


King Edward VIII

GVIR   (monogram)


George VI

EIIR       (capitals)
or Scottish Crown (in Scotland)


Queen Elizabeth II

Below are a few examples of Edinburgh Letter Boxes.


Reproduction 'Penfold' Pillar Box

Queen Victoria

    South Queensferry  -  Reproduction Penfold Pillar Box and Forth Rail Bridge  -  December 2010

South Queensferry

    South Queensferry  -  Reproduction Penfold Pillar Box and Forth Bridges  -  December 2010

Penfold Pillar Box

   Holyrood Park Road and the entrance to Holyrood Park at St Leonard's  -  January 2008

Entrance to Holyrood Park


Pillar Box

King George V

Primrose Bank Road  -  Houses, pillar box and snow -  December 2009

Primrose Bank Road


 Pillar Box (Scottish Crown)

Queen Elizabeth II

    Dundas Street, Pillar Box and Cars  -  November 2010

Dundas Street


Double Pillar Box (Scottish Crown)

Queen Elizabeth II

    Drumsheugh Gardens  -  Pillar Box  -  November 2010

Drumsheugh Gardens

Poster for Trams  -  South side of St Andrew Square

St Andrew Square


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