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South side of St Andrew Square

Poster for Trams  -  South side of St Andrew Square                                                                                                  Photograph taken:   October 20, 2011

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   Poster for Trams  -  South side of St Andrew Square


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The Tram Route

I took this photo in the NE corner of St Andrew Square on October 24, 2011.

There is another poster on the back of this board.  It still says that TIE are making the arrangements for trams to run Newhaven and Edinburgh Airport and Newhaven by 2011.

In fact, now, at October 2011:

- City of Edinburgh Council has now taken over direct responsibility for the trams and TIE is being wound up.

- Current plans are for trams to run only between St Andrew Square and the airport.

-  This tram service is due to begin some time in 2014.

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