Reid Terrace

Workmen's cooperative housing in The Colonies

 between Stockbridge and Canonmills

includes Hugh Miller Place and Back of Rintoul Place


Reid Terrace, The Colonies, Stockbridge

Reid Terrace, The Colonies, Stockbridge, Edinburgh  -  An engraving based on a photograph by Ross & Pringle

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Reid Terrace, Stockbridge, Edinburgh  -  part of Stockbridge Colonies  -  Photograph, 2004

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                            Photograph taken 20 April 2004


Reid Terrace

The Colonies, Stockbridge


The engraving above is from a newspaper, possibly the Illustrated London News or similar, around the mid 19th century.  The engraving measures almost 11 ins x 6 ins, and is based on a photograph by Ross & Pringle


Reid Terrace is one of several rows of houses in 'The Colonies', co-operative housing built beside the Water of Leith, between Stockbridge and Canonmills, about a mile to the north of the centre of Edinburgh.


An article appeared in the paper accompanying the engraving.  I do not have the whole article, but it began:


Or, What Co-operation Can Do

No one who visite Edinburgh should fail to see the workmen's dwellings which have been erected there on the co-operative principle.  They present a picture of comfort and an example of what judicious combination can accomplish, particularly interesting and instructive.

About seven years ago, a few earnest working men, prompted by the deplorable want of suitable housed, and a desire to improve the condition of their class, formed a Co-operative Building Company, with a capital of 10,000, in shares of 1 each.

By earnest action, the practical aid of fellow workmen was gradually obtained; and the position of the undertaking - so far as mere figures can indicate a result which embraces incalculable moral and social benefits - may be thus summed up:

- The entire capital is subscribed by 836members, 400 houses supplying healthful accommodation for at least 2,000 individuals, have been built and sold for 70,000; and an average profit of over 15 per cent has been paid every year. 



The photograph was taken probably at least 150 years after the engraving, but the scene is immediately recognisable.


Edinburgh Colonies


Work began on constructing The Colonies at Stockbridge, beside the Water of Leith in 1861.  Most of the houses had been built by 1872, though some were not completed until 1911. 


Edinburgh also has several Colonies.  They are (west to east):

-  Shandon

-  Slateford

-  Rosebank

-  Stockbridge

-  North Fort Street

-  Pilrig

-  Abbeyhill

-  Lochend Road

-  Leith Links

This booklet, produced by the City of Edinburgh Planning Dept in 1999, includes:

-  a map showing the positions of each of the Colonies developments

-  a brief history of each of the developments.



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