Mrs Brand's Shop

Next door to the Longstone Inn

Mrs Brand's Shop    -     Around 1960

Mrs Brand's shop, next to the Longstone Inn, Longstone Inn  -  photographed around 1960

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Laird, Longstone, Edinburgh



Mrs Brand's Shop

Thank you to Robert Laird for providing this photograph.  The photo was taken, around 1960 by Robert's uncle, also named Robert Laird.

This view looks across Longstone Road to Mrs Brand's shop, next door to the Longstone Inn.



Mrs Brand's Shop

Thank you to Margaret Leslie for sending me emails about Longstone.  As well as sending photographs of her class in its first and last year at the school

Longstone Primary School Class - 1949-50  -  First Year     Longstone Primary School Class - 1954-55  - Final Year

Margaret wrote:

"In 1950/51 Mrs Brand's shop was run by a Mrs Welsh, whose daughter Jeanette was my class friend at Longstone School.

Mrs Welsh had an assistant called Mary, whose surname, I think, was Brand."

Margaret Leslie, London:  July


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