East Thomas Street

 East Thomas Street

Lillian Patterson's Brother Alexander Patterson on a Pony in the Street

Lillian Patterson's Brother on a Pony in East Thomas Street

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Lillian Patterson, Australia




Lilian Paterson


Thank you to Lillian Paterson, Australia, whose family lived at 6 East Thomas Street, for writing:

My Brother

"I found this photo of my brother, Alexander Paterson, on a pony in East Thomas Street.  He was born in 1954 and attended Lieth Walk School, then Bellevue High School.

I asked him what was the occasion when there were horses in East Thomas Street and people looking out the windows

He replied:

'The queen came into Leith on her yacht when I was about that age and there was celebrations. We went onto Easter road to see her cavalcade but I only saw the car tops.

A woman was arrested for throwing a tomato at her and the woman was sentenced under "Her Majesty's Pleasure".

The occasion was probably some Anniversary for the Queen.'

Perhaps somebody else will remember what the occasion was, and will recognise the woman in the photo."

Lillian Patterson, Australia:  January 28 + February 8, 2012, 2012




George Scott

Buckstone, Edinburgh

Thank you to George Scott who saw Lilian Paterson's photo of her brother, Alexander Paterson on a pony in East Thomas Street

Lillian Patterson's Brother on a Pony in East Thomas Street

 and replied:

Pony Outside No.18

"I think this photo would have been taken outside No.18 East Thomas Street as it looks like my Granny Hay, looking out her bedroom window, on the 1st Floor."

My Family

"My grandparents, Jock & Mary Hay, stayed in No.18, East Thomas Street, with my mum & dad, Helen & Dode Scott.

My dad worked round the corner, as a template maker, at Redpath Browns.

Later, my dad and his brother, John, worked at Parsons Peebles in the Tank Shop."

George Scott, Buckstone, Edinburgh


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