Convalescent Homes

Postcard   -   Posted 1920s

Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Gilmerton Convalescent Homes

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Gilmerton Convalescent Homes

New Street

This postcard was posted in the 1920s.  The date of posting was August 25 but I cannot read the exact year.

The address of the homes is not given on the postcard, but the building on the right in the postcard appears to be the one below in New Street (now numbered 18-24 Newtoft Street) that I  photographed in 2007.

18-24 Newtoft Street

    Gilmerton,  18-24 Newtoft Street, formerly a convalescent home

The house can easily be recognised, but the field on the south side of Newtoft Street vanished many years ago.


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