Calton Hill


Postcard from an unidentified publisher  -  Calton Hill

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Calton Hill

This view looks up Regent Road to the east, towards Calton Hill from a high point close to the east end of Princes Street.

The right-hand building in the upper row of houses at the left-hand side of the picture is Rock House, the studio used by Hill & Adamson and many subsequent photographers.

On the hill are:

-  Observatory (dome just visible at extreme left)

-  Dougal Stewart Monument (circular with pillars)

National Monument (unfinished, based on the Pantheon in Rome)

Nelson Monument (in the form of an upturned telescope)

The Calton Graveyard, on the southern side of Regent Road is on the right hand side of this picture, with Calton Jail immediately beyond it.

The post card below was posted in 1909.  No name of the photographer or the photographer appears on this post card.

Please click below to see a later view from a similar position, but zooming-out to see a little more of Regent Road.  In this view, St Andrew's House has replaced the Calton Jail.


Calton Graveyard

Calton Graveyard, on high ground on  the south side of Regent Road and almost opposite Rock House, is on the right-hand side of this photo.

The graveyard includes monuments to:

-  the Political Martyrs (the tall obelisk in this photo)

-  Robert Adams

-  David Hume (circular)

The wording on the Political Martyrs Monument reads:

To the memory of Thomas Muir, Thomas Fyshe Palmer,
 William Skirving, Maurice Margarot and Joseph Gerrald. 

Erected by the friends of parliamentary reform.

England and Scotland  1844



Calton Hill


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