Edinburgh at Work


Gayfield Place Lane

The last hot metal monotype printers in Edinburgh


Printing Press

Edinburgh at work  -  Speedspools - monotype printers -  The Workbench  -  1995

©  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                Photograph taken January 15, 1992


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   Edinburgh at work  -  Speedspools - monotype printers ©



Old Printing Press

This photograph of an old printing press was taken in 1992 at Speedspools printing works, Gayfield Place Lane, the last monotype printing company to operate in Edinburgh.  Speedspools closed down a few years after I took this photo.

Another Printing Press

Here is a picture of an early printing press.  This is one of the large pictures of industry, made up of glazed tiles, displayed on the walls of the main bar at the Café Royal, 19 West Register Street, Edinburgh.  These pictures were made for the Edinburgh's  1886 exhibition in The Meadows..

This picture is of Benjamin Franklin operating the printing press.

Café Royal

     A picture of Benjamin Franklin using a printing press  -  on the wall of the Cafe Royal, Edinburgh ©



Edinburgh at Work