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Pictures on the walls of the bar at

Café Royal

19 West Register Street, near the East End of Princes Street


 A picture of Benjamin Franklin using a printing press  -  on the wall of the Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

©  Copyright: Peter Stubbs.    Please contact                                     Photograph taken1 November, 1993


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   A picture of Benjamin Franklin using a printing press  -  on the wall of the Cafe Royal, Edinburgh ©


Café Royal

The Picture

Here we zoom in on one of the large pictures, made up of glazed tiles, displayed on the walls of the main bar at the Café Royal, 19 West Register Street, Edinburgh.

This picture is of Benjamin Franklin operating a printing press.

Printing Press

Here is another picture of a printing press.  This is a photo taken in 1992 at Speedspools printing works, Gayfield Place Lane, the last monotype printing company to operate in Edinburgh.  Speedspools closed down a few years after I took this photo.


    Edinburgh at work  -  Speedspools - monotype printers ©


Pictures on Pub Walls

in Edinburgh

The Café Royal

19 West Register Street, Edinburgh

There are six framed pictures, each measuring about 6ft high x 5ft wide and made up of glazed tiles, around the walls of the Café Royal bar.

A plaque reads:

“These six pictures painted by John Eyre and manufactured as tiles by Katherine Sturgeon and W J W Nunn of Doulton and Co. All show inventors each at the moment of his discovery. The pictures were shown at the 1886 exhibition, held at the Meadows in Edinburgh and purchased as tiles by an early licensee"

The titles of the pictures are:

1.   William Caxton, Citizen of London, mercer, brought Printing to England, 1476
b.1410    d.1492

2.  Benjamin Franklin, printer, distinguished i science and politics
b.1706    d.1796

3.    Robert Peel makes his first experiment in Calico Printing.
b.1725    d.-

4.    Michael Faraday, Discoverer of Electro Magnetism
b.1791    d.1867

5..  George Stevenson - There is no limit to the speed if the works can be made to stand
b.1781    d.1848

6.   James Watt, inventor of the Steam Condensing Engine and his partner, Matthew Bolton
b.1736    d.1819

Leith Public Houses


Near the foot of Easter Road, Leith

There are three large pictures on the walls, each made from painted tiles, depicting scenes from the history of Leith:

1.   Mary Queen f Scots landing at Leith Pier, 1561

2.   King George IV landing at Leith Pier, 1822

3.   The People's Purse, racing at Leith Sands, 1852

Leith Public Houses


Near the foot of Leith Walk, Leith

Around the walls of the Central bar, there are:

-   six large mirrors

-   two large panels of patterned glazed tiles

-  4 large panels of patterned glazed tiles, each enclosing a picture about 2ft wide x 3ft high.  There are two shooting scenes, one hunting and one sailing.



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