St Ignatius School

Around 1945

St Ignatius School Class  -   1945

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Margaret Johnston (née Slattery), Australia                                Photographer not known


St Ignatius School

Thank you to Margaret Johnston (née Slattery) for sending this photo to me.

Margaret lived in Keir Street with her parents and eight siblings for thirteen years.  She emigrated to Australia with her husband in 1967.




Margaret Williamson (née Hay)

Moline, Illinois, USA

Thank you to Margaret Williamson (née Hay) who wrote:

My Class

"I am 5th from the right on the 2nd row in this photo.

St Ignatius School Class, 1945 ©

I beleive the teacher's name was Miss Heart.  She lived in the 1st stair next to the school.  She was also Father Heart's sister.  We kept in touch for some time when I first came over to the USA."

Margaret Williamson (née Hay), Moline, Illinois, USA:  December 16, 2012


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