Sparks of Variety



Rossie Place  -  Partry for the Coronation, 1953
©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Flora Hurst, (née McLeod) Craigleith Edinburgh.                       Photographer not known.


Sparks of Variety

Thank you to Flora Hurst (née McLeod), Craigleith, Edinburgh for allowing me to reproduce this photograph from the mid-1930s.

Flora tells me that 'Sparks of Variety' used to perform at church halls and other locations around Edinburgh.  The only two people that Flora can name in this photo are:

-  herself,  the girl wearing the hat in the front row.

-  Harold Loughborough who played the piano, centre of back row.

Acknowledgement:  Discussion with Flora Hurst, May 27, 2010


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