Photograph from World War I

Royal Scots

'Dandy Ninth'

Isaac McMechan and James Johnston

Around 1918

  Photo found in a 1st Leith Boys' Brigade Company ALbum  -  Jack Philpott, Royal Field Artillery

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Donald Johnston, grandson of James Johnston


Royal Scots 'Dandy Ninth'

Thank you to Donald Johnston, Australia, for sending me the photo above.

Donald wrote:


"Here is a pic of my grandfather and my grandmother's brother.  Both were in the Royal Scots Dandy Ninth.

This photograph, we believe, was taken in 1918, shortly before they both died in action."

James Johnston

"My grandfather James Johnston is seated.  He died in April 1918 and was awarded the MM, posthumously.  James in the West Port, Edinburgh then moved to  South St James Street when he married."

Isaac McMechan

"Isaac McMechan, James' brother-in-law, is standing.  He died in March 1918.  Isaac was born in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh.  He did not marry.

Donald Johnston:  St Mary's, New South Wales, Australia:  June 3, 2010


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