Music Club

held at

St Thomas' School


The Music Club that met at St Thomas' School  -  Photo taken 1955

©, formerly Aberdeen Photographic Services Ltd.    Reproduced with acknowledgement to Neil Gordon.


Music Club

Thank you to Margaret Johnston (née Slattery) for sending this photo to me.

Margaret lived in Keir Street with her parents and eight siblings for thirteen years.  She emigrated to Australia with her husband in 1967.

Margaret wrote:

"These girls were in a Music Club which was held in the evenings at St Thomas' Secondary School.  The girls came from all schools and from our church choir.

I believe that the photo was taken in 1955, just before I left the school."

Margaret Johnston (née Slattery), Australia:  May 8+11+28, 2010




Cathie (née Cormack)


Thank you to Cathie (née Cormack) who grew up in the Grassmarket for sending me a message about this photo.

Cathie wrote:


   The Music Club that met at St Thomas' School  -  Photo taken 1955 ©

"My Goodness! I just came across this website by chance! I am sitting looking at the choir photo taken 1954/1955.  I have one of the original prints. I look at it every once-in-a-while trying to remember another face or name! I was part of the choir for a time but I am not in this photo.

I'll name a few of those I recognize, plus others I remember just from having attended St. Thomas' and with some help from my sister. Here goes

-  Nancy Greenan

Agnes McPartlin

Nessie Watson

Maureen McIntee

Rosemary Paxton

Miss Hannavy

Audrey Paxton

Mary Pelosi

Nancy Watson

-  Betty Smart

Jane Weatherstone

Helen Donachie

Betty Greenan

Stella Cairns

Josie Began (not certain)

Mary Cairns

one of the Slattery girls.

Many in this photo were my classmates at St. Ignatius primary in Glen Street."

St Thomas' School

"I left St. Thomas in December 1954, was part of the first 'intensive commercial' class.  I remember, among others:

-  Ms. Bagan.

Miss Forbes.

Miss Hughes.

Sr. Mary.

St. Jerome."


"Does anyone remember when Miss Hannavy took us to the studio to record "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" for the Easter program on the wireless?  I think of it every time I hear this hymn!"


"I came to the USA in 1960, but still keep in touch with some of my old friends from St. Thomas' including:'

-   Agnes McPartlin and Agnes Narrie, my St. Ignatius pals.

-  Helen Donachie.

Annette Fagan."


"My 2 sisters still live in Edinburgh with their families.  I attended Sacred Heart Church in Lauriston Street.  The 'youth group' danced at Stella Maris on Sundays -  and at the Palais too!"

Cathie (née Cormack), USA,  April 21, 2012


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