This photo was originally described as being of
Canongate Scouts, but it turns out to be a photo of

Canongate Boys' Club

Table Tennis Team


Canongate Scouts, 1950s

  Norward Inglis    Reproduced with acknowledgement to Johnni Stanton, Craigmillar, Edinburgh                       Photogrpaher not known


Table Tennis Team


Thank you to Johnni Stanton, Craigmillar, Edinburgh, who wrote:

Collection of Photographs

"My late step-father was a photographer in his teens, working for Dalkeith Advertiser, before turning to engineering.  For him,  photography was a life-long passion, and he was an avid collector of photos.

Here is a photo of Canongate Scouts that I found in his  collection. I've never seen it before, and don't know where he got it.   Perhaps it could go into your archives, and you can see if any of the people were known to any of your other readers."

Johnni Stanton, Craigmillar, Edinburgh:  September 15, 2008

If you recognise any of these table tennis players, or know which year the photo is likely to have been taken, please email me.

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs,  September 22, 2008.


Table Tennis Team


Thank you to Ian Mackellar, Brockville, Ontario, Canada who wrote:

Canongate Boys' Club

"The photograph is actually of the Canongate Boys' Club table tennis team, winners of the Edinburgh Union of Boys' Clubs under 15 table tennis league (1952-53 season).

The players representing the team were (left to right):

-  Ian Mackellar

-  James Beaumont

-  James Kinnaird

-  Pringle Fisher.

The photographer was Norward Inglis."

Ian Mackellar, Brockville, Ontario, Canada:  May 25, 2009




Graham McCarter

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you to Graham McCarter who replied, sadly telling me that Pringle Fisher, the boy on the right in this photo, had died  -  I don't know when.

Canongate Scouts  -  1950s

Graham wrote:

Royal High School

"I was a student at the Royal High School in Edinburgh.  I was in the same year as Pringle Fisher, the boy on the right in this photo.  We were in the same rugby team until I left in 1956.

Pringle was a wonderful person and achieved so much with his life."

Leaving Edinburgh

"I left Edinburgh in 1961 and went to study photography in England.  I then went to the States, and eventually came to Australia where I have been ever since.  I have visited Edinburgh many times and still miss it."

Graham McCarter, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia:  May 12, 2011


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