Residents of

Blackfriars Street

Old Town, Edinburgh


   Blackfriars Street Residents  -  Photo probably taken in the early-1940s

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Val Brown




Val Brown

Thank you to Val Brown for sending me the photograph above.

Val wrote:


    Blackfriars Street Residents  -  Photo probably taken in the early-1940s ©

"Here is a photo taken in Blackfriars Street by my uncle William Kane.

I'm fairly sure it was taken in the early 1940s, judging  by the age of my mother who was born in 1927 and her nephew who was born in the mid-1930s."


"This photo includes my mother Emily Kane 4th standing from left to right next to her brother Henry Kane.

Another sister Elizabeth Kane is sitting centre 3rd from left, and lastly my mothers nephew, James Lee (drinking from a cup)."


"I believe the rest of the people in the photo are from Blackfriars Street but I cannot remember their names.  I'd be interested to know if anyone recognizes their family members in the photo."

Val Brown:  February 24, 2013




Carol Bell (née Welsh)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Carol Bell for replying to the question that Val Brown asked the photograph at the top of this page.

Carol wrote:

My Mother

"My sister, Patricia Moira, and I sure the girl in the middle row on the right-hand side of this photo is our dear mother, Margaret Maloney.

    Blackfriars Street Residents  -  Photo probably taken in the early-1940s ©

She lived with her parents, Caroline and John Maloney at No. 35 Blackfriars Street.  We believe that my mother's parents had a wee shop in Blackfriars Street.

They had a large family:


-  Tommy.






-  Billy.

They have all now died, so there is no one to ask if this is our dear mother or not.

My mother married Eddie Welsh who lived in the High Street and played football for Blackfriars Street"

My Uncle?

"We also think the little boy standing beside my Mum could possibly one of her younger brothers, Eddie or Billy.

Carol Bell (née Welsh), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  April 14, 2013


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