Tolbooth, St John's Church

Also known as the Highland Church.  Built in 1842 as the Assembly Hall (Victoria Hall)
to house the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.  Now 'The Hub'

This prominent landmark near the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh was built in 1842-44 to house the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and is described in the engraving below as "Assembly Hall".

This building has now been converted to become "The Hub" tourist information centre.

ORIGINALLY  Assembly Hall  THEN  Tolbooth St John's Church.  NOW  The Hub

Engraving from 'Old & New Edinburgh'  -  Assembly Hall

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Assembly Hall

Built 1842-44  -  The engraving above

This view looks up the Royal Mile as it approaches the castle.  

- The road on the left is Johnson Terrace which leads down the hill immediately to the south of Castle Rock.  

- The road on the right is Castle Hill, which can also be seen in this view looking in the opposite direction.

The church, straight ahead with the high steeple was originally known as Assembly Hall.  It was built 1842-44 to house the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.  The building later became Tolbooth St John's Church, Lawnmarket.

Recently (c.2000) it was converted into 'The Hub', a venue for visitors to Edinburgh, with Café, gift shops and an office for tickets during the Edinburgh Festival.

Its high steeple provides is prominent Edinburgh landmark.


Assembly Hall

Built 1858-59

A new Assembly Hall was built for the Church of Scotland in 1858-59.  It was designed by David Bryce. 

It lies immediately to the north of the Tolbooth St John's Church, and to the south of New College, Mound Place, designed by William Playfair, 1846-50.

Free Church of Scotland Offices and New College  -  August 2004 ©



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It is No. 114, near the top of  this map.