Steam Roller

Cluny Gardens, Morningside



Steam Roller at Cluny Drive, Morningside  -  1959

  Mike Jarron, East Lothian, Scotland


Edinburgh Steam Roller

This photo has been added to the web site in response to a request from Mike Fellows, now living in Cornwall, England.  Mark's family owns a former Edinburgh steam roller.

Mark Fellows had previously written:

Request for Photos

"I keep coming back to your web site.  I have always looked, wondering if I would ever see any pictures of steam rollers that used to work for Edinburgh Corporation.

The reason why I'm e-mailing is that my family own an old steam roller that worked for the corporation up until the 1960's and  I am always trying to find any old pictures or information relating to it and any other steam engines that worked for the corporation.

Do you or anybody you know have any pictures or ideas of collections that hold any possibilities?

I did have a copy of a picture taken of another engine that worked in Edinburgh around the 1920-30's.  It was a lovely picture with all the crew in their work wear of the period.  Unfortunately, the picture was lost in a move of house, but the original still exits!

Mark added:

"Our steam roller is slightly older than this one, which was apparently in the Edinburgh Transport Museum, that closed in the 1980s, and also featured in the film: "The Prime or Pride of Miss Jean Brodie".

Edinburgh Steam Roller


   Steam Rolle rin Edinburgh, 1960s

Mark Fellows, 26 miles from Lands' End, Cornwall, England:  November 2005


Edinburgh Steam Roller


Thank you to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Scotland for telling me, in January 2007, that Mark Fellows might like to see the the photo at the top of this page, now reproduced with acknowledgement to Mike Jarron, East Lothian, Scotland, who took the photo.

  Steam Roller at Cluny Drive, Morningside  -  1959

Mike tells me that he took the photo in Cluny Road, Morningside, Edinburgh, around 1959 when he was a teenager, when living in Newington, Edinburgh.

I was pleased to read Mark Fellows' response when he saw this photograph.

Mark wrote:

"There is a huge chance the engine in the picture is our roller!!! There are one or two items that could only make it our roller.

  Im over the moon!!!"

Mark Fellows, Cornwall, England:  January 28, 2007



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