Thomas Smith Junr.

Lorries at Newhaven

A fleet of 8 lorries used for transporting fish  -  at Newhaven

A fleet of 8 lorries bellonging to Thomas Smith Junr at Newhaven

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Wilson, Somerset, England




John Wilson

Somerset, England

Thank you to John Wilson, Somerset, England,for providing the photograph above.

John wrote:

Thomas Smith Junr

Lorries at Newhaven

"This photo was taken at Newhaven, around 1954.  You can see the smoke houses and fishmarket in the background.

I worked for T L Devlin, then moved to Robert Croan.  They were good days and the people were good"

With acknowledgement to John* Wilson, now living in Somerset, England:  January 7, 2007

* John tells me that is known as-  John or Jock Wilson in England /  Jack Wilson in Scotland)

Beside the Lorry

Here is a close-up of one of the Thomas Smith Junr lorries at Newhaven.  I believe that it is John Wilson's dad who is standing beside this lorry.

An ERF lorry bellonging to Thomas Smith Junr at Newhaven





George Renton

Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada

Thank you to George Renton who wrote:

'Lorry Daft'

"I'd like to thank John Wilson for providing this photo of Thomas Smith Junr. Lorries.

A fleet of 8 lorries bellonging to Thomas Smith Junr at Newhaven

Though I was 'lorry daft' from a young age, I have no recollection of Tam Smith's  wagons.  I'm sure my Dad would have known John, as the fish business was a small world back in the day."

My Dad


"Though I was young at the time, I recall spending time at the Newhaven fish market with my Dad, George Renton.  He drove for:

-  Devlin

-  Robert Croan.

-  BRS in Seafield, in the early-1960s"

- David Dow, who had a garage, just in the left background of the fleet picture.

-  Gibb, and possibly Carnie, and Croan, who where all located on the Lower Granton Road where the west pier started.

The gas works, and White Rose where very close neighbours."

My Dad

Earlier Life

"My Dad grew up on Bangor Rd, and Bonnington Rd. In his early life:

-  He sold coal for a man named Robertson who had a carting business with a 150 draught horses.

-   He hauled seaweed, and sand from the beaches.

-  At one point he drove a Sentinel Steam Wagon.  I think he had his Heavy Goods Licence when he was a teen.

-  He was working in Europe prior to the outbreak of the war. He spent 4 days in Dunkirk, and then returned in a tank recovery unit, and moved tug boats by road to clear the harbours in Holland.

My Uncle Frank


"My Uncle Frank ( Frances ) drove for Pickford's heavy haul for some years, and was also a regular in or near the Newhaven fish market."

George Renton, Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada:  July 24, 2014

George, who emigrated to Canada with his family in 1965 wrote:


"It never ceases to amaze me that. as I drive all over Canada and America, the good people who visit Edinphoto are always nearby."

George Renton, Mississauga, Ontario,  Canada:  July 24, 2014


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