Quayside Mills

Quayside Street, Leith  -  Beside the Water of Leith

Quayside Mills, Leith  -  November 2005

View of Leith Primary School from Duncan Place, Leith Links  -  October 2007

  Copyright: peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                    Photo taken:  November 1, 2005


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   Quayside Mills, Quayside Street, Leith  -  Beside the Water of Leith  -  November 2005


Quayside Mills


Quayside Mills in Quayside Street, North Leith, lie beside the north bank of the Water of Leith, have recently been refurbished.


The mills incorporate parts of the old St Ninian's or North Leith Church and Manse.

The chantry chapel founded around 1493 was virtually rebuilt in 1595 and again in 1736.  In 1825, it became a granary

Historical details above are taken from The Buildings of Edinburgh [John Gifford et al.]



Quayside Mills

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