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Niddrie Marischal House

Postcard  -  early 20th century

Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Niddrie Marischal

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andy Wanstall, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland.


Niddrie Marischal House

Early History

Niddrie Marischal House was situated at Niddrie, about 4 miles SE of the centre of Edinburgh.    It was the home of a branch of the Wauchope family.  Gilbert Wauchop had was given a charter from Robert III (1390-1406) for the lands of Niddrie in the vicinity of Craigmillar Castle.

The family lived here from around the 13th century.   Niddrie Marischal House was rebuilt around 1636 and, apart from two brief periods,  was the home of the  Wauchope family until 1944.

19th Century

A brief description and engraving of the house, appeared in Grant's 'Old & New Edinburgh', published c.1890.  The title below the engraving was 'Niddrie House'

Edinburgh Buildings  -  Niddrie House

20th Century

Andy Wanstall, who provided the postcard above, writes:

"The grand house and Wauchope estate was purchased in 1944 by Edinburgh Corporation for the sum of around 8.000."

Unfortunately, the house was set on fire in the late 1940's, then stood in a ruined state until it was demolished in the 1960s.

Andy  writes:

"A large sprawling housing estate now occupies the site.   The Niddrie Marischal House  was situated approximately  three hundred metres west of the Jack Kane Centre, Niddrie, Edinburgh

.Niddrie House Housing Scheme

The old house was always affectionately known as "Wauchope House."

The Postcard

The publisher's name is not given on this postcard.  The card was posted in 1925. from Portobello, a popular holiday resort about two miles from Niddrie.



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