Niddrie House

and / or

Niddrie Marischal House

3 miles SE of the centre of Edinburgh


Niddrie House  -  Old Engraving

Edinburgh Buildings  -  Niddrie House

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Niddrie House and/or Niddrie Marischal House


Niddrie House was home of the Wauchope family of Niddrie.  The house was rebuilt around 1636 on the site of a medieval towerhouse.  It was demolished around 1968.

Here is a description of the house, taken from Grant's Old & New Edinburgh published c.1890:

"Niddrie House, a mile north of Edmonstone House, is partly an ancient baronial fortalice and partly a handsome modern mansion.

The holly hedges here are thirty feet high, and there is a sycamore nineteen feet in circumference."

Archibald Wauchope

Grant's Old & New Edinburgh also mentions that, on 27 December 1591, Archibald Wauchope of Niddrie together with  the Earl of Bothwell, Douglass of Spott and others made a raid on Holyrood attempting the life of James VI.

Photograph - 1898

Here is a photograph of what appears to be the same house, taken in 1898.

Photograph of an old hosuse at Niddrie, taken in 1898

Postcard  -  Early-1900s

Here is a postcard showing the what appears to be the same house in the early 1900s. 

Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Niddrie Marischal

The Name of the House

The tower on the roof of the house in the engraving and in both photos looks the same, but:

a)  The engraving (from 'Old & New Edinburgh', Vol 1 p.332) is titled 'Niddrie House'

b)  The photo has a hand-written caption: 'Niddrie, 1898'

c)  The postcard is titled 'Niddrie 'Marischal'.

Are these three views all of the same house, and which house is it?

The Name of the House

Here is photograph showing the estate that was built in the 1960s in the area once occupied by Niddrie House and its grounds.

   Niddrie House Housing Scheme



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