Malmaison Hotel

Beside Leith Docks, The Shore, Leith

November 2005

Malmaison Hotel, Leith  -  November 2005

  Copyright:                                                                                        Photo taken:  November 1, 2005


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   Malmaison Hotel, Leith  -  November 2005


Malmaison Hotel

The Malmaison Hotel, beside the entrance to Leith Docks, at the Shore, Leith, was formerly a sailors' home.

"The Sailors' Home used to provide accommodation for sailors whose ships were in port.  The Home contained comfortable rooms for each rank, a canteen, a low cost clothing shop, recreational rooms and a chapel

It was an innovation in social care at a time when many workers lived in overcrowded slums.  The angel in the stonework above the door was an emblem for the seamen's mission."

The description above is taken from a notice board at the Shore erected by the City of Edinburgh District Council, Forth Ports Authority and the Water of Leith Conservation Trust.



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