Greyfriars' Church


Greyfriars' Bobby's  Gravestone


Greyfriar's Church and Greyfriar's Bobby's Gravestone

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                      Photograph taken June 16, 2009


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   Greyfriar's Church and Greyfriar's Bobby's Gravestone


Greyfriars' Church and Greyfriars' Bobby's Gravestone

This photo of Greyfriars' Church was taken in June 2009, about four years after the church was restored.  Here we look at the east-facing side of the Church.  The photo was taken from a point close to the entrance to Greyfriars' Graveyard.

The gravestone in the foreground is to Greyfriars' Bobby, the Skye Terrier who visited his master's grave daily for fourteen years after his master died, until his own death in 1872.

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    Greyfriar's Bobby's tombstone in the graveyard at Greyfriar's Church


Greyfriars' Church

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