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John Croall & Sons Ltd


John Croall & Sons Ltd, Castle Terrace  -  1915 Bill

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John Croall & Sons Ltd

1915 Bill

Here is a bill from one of Edinburgh's early garages for 200 gallons of petrol at 1s 9s  (=9p) per gallon.

The map on the top of the bill shows a road layout for central Edinburgh that is still familiar today.  This map also shows the positions of hotels in and around Princes Street  Please click on the map below to zoom-in.


zoom-in to see the map at the top of this bill

  John Croall & Sons Ltd, Castle Terrace  -  zoom-in to see the map at the top of a 1915 bill


Please click on one of the images below to enlarge it.

    Buildings  -  John Croall, Coachbuilders  -   Outside  -  Castle Terrace  

Croall - outside


    Buildings  -  John Croall, Coachbuilders  -   Bodymakers' Shop  -  Castle Terrace  

Croall - inside



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