Edinburgh 'Then' and 'Now'

Johnston Terrace

and Edinburgh Castle

John Croal, Coachbuilders  -  1915

Buildings  -  John Croall, Coachbuilders  -   Outside  -  Castle Terrace

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to The Museum of Edinburgh


Photograph by Sarah Dalrymple, Edinburgh  -  2007  -  Johnston Terrace and Edinburgh castle

  Copyright: Sarah Dalrymple, Edinburgh



Photo  -  1915

This view, looks up Johnston Terrace towards Edinbrugh Castle, high on Castle Rock.  This photograph was taken from the junction of Johnston Terrace and Castle Terrace (seen entering the picture from the left).

In the foreground is John Croan & Son, Coachbuilders.  Here is a view of the inside of their premises:

Croan's Bodymakers' Shop

    Buildings  -  John Croall, Coachbuilders  -   Bodymakers' Shop  -  Castle Terrace



Photo  -  2007

Thank you to Sarah Dalrymple, Edinburgh, for taking this recent photo from the same location.  This is one of several photos that Sarah has taken, comparing Edinburgh 'Then' and 'Now'.  Sarah's photos have been added to the Flickr web site.

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