Edinburgh Waterfront

Gas Holder

Zoom-in to the falling gas holder

Edinburgh Waterfront  -  debris on the ground following controlled explosion on 15 August 2004

  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                                                             Photograph taken  15 August 2004

Gas Holder

Debris on the Ground

Here is the most westerly of the three gas holders that once stood on the Scottish Gas site at Granton, lying as debris on the ground, a couple of hours after it fell in a controlled explosion on 15 August 2004.

This photograph is taken from the top floor of the new Scottish Gas offices on the Waterfront site at Edinburgh.  The structure of the one remaining gas holder can be seen on the right hand side of the picture, and through it:

-  the Forth Rail Bridge - just visible on the skyline, right of centre.

-  Cramond Island - dark green, close to skyline, extreme right.

  Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Demolition of one of the gasometers by controlled explosion  -  15 August 2004  -  Falling!

Gasometer falling